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Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan


CCPL will be a community of engaged and informed citizens who have the knowledge and skills to better their lives personally and collectively.


CCPL helps customers transform information into usable knowledge.


Personal values of: trust, respect, active listening, creativity.

Organizational values of: staff development, service innovation; community, learning and consistency.


Goal 1 – Turn outward in all that we do

Foundation Statement: This goal is about grounding all our decisions and actions in our knowledge of what the customer expects, appreciates and values.


1. Listen to and learn about our residents to gain a deeper understanding of them, as individuals and as a community.

  • Surveys, focus groups 
  • Step out from the desk and engage with customer 
  • Participate in community activities, events 
  • Community profiles 
  • Develop local partnership networks
2. Use our knowledge of the customer to create collections, services, facilities, and programs that address their needs.

  • Ensure programming reflects the interests of the community through community input, staff knowledge of community (what’s important to them), what they check out, what they talk about, what are the learning needs in that particular community. Timing and marketing will also reflect community knowledge. 
  • Collections will provide materials tailored to each branch community, including 70% best-sellers and new releases that are predicted to circulate as indicated by data and branch feedback. 
  • Collections, signage and layout of branches will be displayed and arranged in a user-friendly manner. 
  • Responsive services such as YPLs and Learning Plans, pop-up programs, learning stations 
  • Technology purchases and upgrades that allow staff to do their jobs most effectively, and furthers the learning goals of the public.
3. Fully implement the CCPL Way model of customer service in all operations.

  • Policies and procedures, and their application, will always start with respect for and understanding of the customer. 
  • CCPL Way will be codified and further formalized 
  • CCPL Way training and performance expectations will be developed 

Goal 2 – Support the customer’s learning experiences by cultivating an environment conducive to personal skill and knowledge development.

Foundation statement: this goal is about ensuring customers have a positive learning experience that is unique to the library.

1. Create learning spaces and facilities that make for a unique, relevant, high-quality learning experiences.

  • Use floor space for learning commons type areas – collaborative tables, private study areas, computer workstations with privacy and workspace. Lighting, study rooms, etc. 
  • Accommodate partners in the facilities who can enhance on-demand learning experiences. 
  • Establish informal creation spaces in every branch. Assess use and continuously develop based on customer feedback. 
  • Remove reference desks from all branches; interact with customers where they are in the branch or the community. 
2. Continually develop and assess services, materials and programs that use these spaces effectively.

  • Utilize tablets to offer reference where the customers are. 
  • Offer YPL’s and Learning Plans for focused and continual learning experiences. 
  • Provide appropriate skill allocation at each branch – ensure the skills are where they need to be (e.g., children’s services at every branch, more at certain branches; Spanish speakers at Meadowdale, etc.) 
  • Invest in non-print, hands-on collections 
  • Invest in collection approaches that will encourage library use. 
  • Develop programs that will engage the community and help residents learn from each other and improve their lives.
3. Develop and use staff effectively, to provide the highest quality learning experiences.

  • Invest in staff training and education -formal and informal -immediate and future-thinking
  • Revisit staff directory of skills and how to best utilize them
  • Acquire and utilize technology for learning ( e.g., interactive screens, mobile devices, audience response system) 
  • Develop programs that teach what people want to learn; include effective use of partnerships 
  • Encourage and foster innovative approaches to service delivery and learning experiences. 
  • Reward, retain and support our staff; continue to build a culture of respect, collaboration and positive momentum

Goal 3 - Start fund raising (development) activities for the purposes of supplementing current budget and the ongoing needs for additional funding.


1. Include financial development in the strategic planning process

  • Address the feasibility of attaining specific long-range and short-term funding goals 
  • Participate in the process that links the setting of cash flow goals to the fund raising. 
  • Develop policies and procedures relevant to fund raising.
2. Liaison with Friends of CCPL for their 501c3 status

  • Identify development activities to incubate and start up 
  • It is not a given that the current FOCCPL arrangement will be preferred and consideration of that will be monitored and measured during the start-up.
3. Carry out the financial development activities

  • Consider a mix of appropriate funding strategies to include not limited to: annual fundraising campaigns, campaigns – capital, major gifts, endowments, planned giving – wills, insurance/annuity, life insurance, life income gifts, stock/securities, property/in-kind and grants. 

The mission, vision, values and strategic goals of the Chesterfield County Public Library were developed to align with the Chesterfield County Strategic Plan.  

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