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Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan


CCPL will be a community of engaged and informed citizens who have the knowledge and skills to better their lives personally and collectively.


CCPL helps customers transform information into usable knowledge.


Personal values of: trust, respect, active listening, creativity.

Organizational values of: staff development, service innovation; community, learning and consistency.


Goal 1 – Turn outward in all that we do. (The CCPL Way)


  1. Listen to residents in ongoing ways and develop our collections, programs and services together with the community.
  2. Create a more active learning environment.
  3. Develop, demonstrate and help staff explore "The CCPL Way."

Goal 2 – Create a transformative 21st century library experience by cultivating a learning-charged environment.


  1. Promote a work environment that attracts and retains a talented staff committed to community engagement.
  2. Create and maintain inviting, easy-to-use virtual and physical spaces.
  3. Provide technology at a level that consistently meets the evolving needs of the library and the community.
  4. Select and invest in materials, resources, and programs that educate, inspire, and entertain.
  5. Engage customers with unique learning opportunities.

Goal 3 – Invest in county and community partnerships and relationships that further our mission.


  1. Define partnership-based needs essential to transforming information into usable knowledge.
  2. Identify potential informal/formal county and community relationships/partnerships.
  3. Develop relationships/partnerships via library tours, social gatherings, special programs, etc.

Goal 4 – Be responsible and prudent stewards of the library’s organizational, financial, and structural resources.


  1. Improve communication, collaboration, and teamwork through cross-training and regular meetings, both cross-departmental and inter-departmental.
  2. Hire, recruit, develop, and maintain a workforce that can effectively help customers transform information into usable knowledge.
  3. Develop and deliver staff training that emphasizes effective teamwork, customer service, professionalism, and "The CCPL Way."
  4. Collect and analyze customer feedback through surveys and focus groups in order to support the library’s data-driven decision making.
  5. Manage and allocate financial resources to provide excellent, efficient services and facilities that are sustainable from year to year to ensure the library is using public dollars wisely to meet the needs of the community.

The mission, vision, values and strategic goals of the Chesterfield County Public Library were developed to align with the Chesterfield County Strategic Plan.  

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Read a book anywhere, anytime for free by using CCPL's online digital library service. CCPL offers digital library services through Overdrive, Tumblebooks, Freading and One-Click.
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