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Summer Learning Activities


There are many different ways to tell your story and to express your personal style to the world! You could be a writer who tells stories or an artist who expresses themselves with colored pencils. You could be an amateur photographer who snaps selfies and pictures of the world around you. You could be a story teller that captivates an audience with spoken words, or a dancer who does it with the movement of your body. There are millions of ways to tell your story; you choose your own style.

Try out these self-expression activities this week. We’ve provided different activities for different ages below: 

Preschool level activity: Create a family mural.

Elementary level activity: Start your own family newsletter! Ask your child what has been important and exciting to them lately. It could be things that they did in school, a “review” of their favorite book, or just something silly that the dog did. Include photos or artwork from your kids.     

Middle school level activity: Make movie-style trailers for your favorite books!  

Check out these books:

And these websites:

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Story Times

 Story Times 

Our story times are developed by trained staff and focus on the skills every child should know so that when they enter school they are ready to learn to read.
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