Bon Air Library

9103 Rattlesnake Road
North Chesterfield, VA 23235-2939
(804) 318-8966

Bon Air Library is located in the historic village of Bon Air. It replaced the Hazen Memorial Library, the first lending library in Chesterfield County. Bon Air Library was recently renovated to meet the changing needs of the community. It features a large artificial tree prominently centered in the children’s area, where petal shaped pillows surround the trunk and large branches extend to the ceiling. It is the perfect place for children’s play or reading. The library’s open floor plan allows for lots of natural light, as well as easy access to books and resources. Bon Air offers programs and workshops to meet the needs of the community, such as financial literacy and retirement classes, a LEGO club and dozens of family-friendly activities.

Margaret Howard
John Angell

Margaret Howard

Branch Manager

[email protected]

Lonnie Elliott

Assistant Branch Manager

John Angell

Customer Service Supervisor

Bon Air Room A

Bon Air Library - Room A

Bon Air Room B

Bon Air Library - Room B

Bon Air Room A and Room B combined

Bon Air Library - Room A and B

Bon Air Meeting Room Information

All rooms have tables and chairs. Wi-Fi access is available. Please note that we have one of each of the amenity items listed. They are offered on first request.
  Medium Room Medium Room Large Room
  Room A Room B Room A and Room B 
Accomodates 30 adults, seated, or 6 tables 
Dimensions: 24' x 21'
16 adults, seated, or 4 tables 
Dimensions: 12' x 21'
46 adults, seated in 
rows or at tables
Projector yes yes yes
VCR/DVD yes yes yes
TV (no cable) yes yes yes
Dry erase board  yes yes yes
Projection Screen no yes yes
Podium yes yes yes
To reserve a meeting room, please visit our meeting room information page.