Loan Rules / Fines

Three-Week Loan Period

Books (including Too Hot To Hold titles), Audiobooks, Music CDs

  • Due within 21 days of checkout date

One-Week Loan Period

DVDs, Virginia State Park Passes, Electricity Meters

  • Due within 7 days of checkout date

Borrowing Physical Materials

  • Present your library card or photo ID to borrow materials.
  • Borrow up to 30 items at one time, including up to 10 DVDs.
  • Renew eligible materials up to three times, as long as no one is waiting.
  • Have up to 15 items on hold at any time.
  • Receive email notifications when items are ready for pickup.
  • Items are due by close of business on the day they are due. Items returned overnight are credited the next business day.

Borrowing Digital Materials

Digital materials, such as e-books, digital audiobooks, and digital magazines have no fines. Most items return themselves at the end of the loan period. For specifics, please visit the Stream & Download page.

Damaged Items

If a library item has been damaged during the time you’ve checked it out, you may be charged for the replacement of the item. All replacement costs include the cost of the item plus a $5.00 processing fee. You may call (804)751-CCPL (2275) or visit your nearest location to discuss the replacement cost of the item or questions you may have, and a staff member will be happy to help you.


Returns are accepted Monday- Saturday during open hours at open locations (Central Library, Chester Library, Meadowdale Library and North Courthouse Road Library), and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at all other locations.

Please place items in the designated bins. Book drops outside of buildings are available, follow signs at the library for details. Items will be quarantined according to health department guidelines. It may take up to a week for items to be removed from your account.

Current Loan Periods & Overdue Charges

Loan Period Item Type Overdue Charges
42 days Book Club Bags $1.00 per day
21 days Books / Audiobooks / Too Hot To Hold Items $0.10 per day
21 days Ebooks / Digital Audiobooks no charge
21 days F.U.N. Grant Game Kit and Trunks (not available due to COVID-19) $0.10 per day
21 days Music CDs  $0.10 per day
21 days Rock 'n' Roll Mole Kit (not available due to COVID-19) $1.00 per day
21 days Smithsonian Human Origins Trunk (not available due to COVID-19) $1.00 per day
21 days Toys (not available due to COVID-19) $0.10 per day
21 days Ukuleles (not available due to COVID-19) $0.10 per day
21 days War or History Traveling Trunks (not available due to COVID-19) $0.10 per day
7 days DVDs $1.00 per day
7 days Power Monitors/Watt-hour Meters $1.00 per day
7 days Tools for Success (not available due to COVID-19) $1.00 per day
7 days Virginia State Parks Passes (park pass only, no backpack due to COVID-19) $1.00 per day