Story Times & Early Learning

CCPL Story Times are developed by trained staff to promote early literacy skills and nurture your child's development. Ninety percent of brain development happens between ages 0-5. Attending and participating in story time helps your child learn valuable social-emotional and language skills, including learning new vocabulary, making connections between words and sounds, developing find and gross motor skills and practicing interacting with others. 

CCPL offers a variety of story times to fit your child's needs, including Pre-K Story Time, Toddler Story Time, Baby Story Time, and more!

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Dial-A-Story from the Library of Virginia

Library of Virginia Dial-a-Story - 1.833.690.0646Dial 833-690-0646 to hear a story read in both English and Spanish. Each Wednesday, a new story will be available to listeners around the state. The stories will be a rotation of recent picture books, fairy tales and folk tales, books highlighting equity, diversity and inclusion, and classic picture books. Over 25 volunteers have signed up to read the stories in Spanish. This program, offered 24/7, presents an analog opportunity for strengthening reading readiness using picture books and telephone technology.

The Basics

What are The Basics?

The_BasicsNinety percent of brain development takes place between birth and age five. Parents and caregivers are a child's first teachers. The Basics are five simple but powerful tools you can use every day to encourage brain development and literacy skills with your child.

Basics_Love_Icon_4C1Babies thrive when they feel loved, safe, and secure. Having predictable routines, responding with kind words, and smiling are ways that you can make your child feel safe and secure

  •   Snuggle with your child to help them feel safe and loved
  •   Have a routine to help your child feel secure.
  • Have a contest to see who can make the silliest face or sound.
  • Be supportive and encouraging when your toddler wants to try new things.
  • Help your child learn about their feelings and let them know all feelings are OK. Let your child know that they can always talk about their feelings with you
  • Parents and caregivers need a break too! Take a moment to breathe, take a walk, or do something you enjoy to relax. Reach out to friends, family, clergy, or doctors if you need to talk.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten Reading Challenge

1000-Books-logoResearch has shown that children get ready to read long before they enter school. Reading aloud to children from birth helps strengthen their language skills and build their vocabulary—two important tools for learning to read. We challenge you and your child to read 1,000 books before kindergarten (it’s easier than you think).

Win prizes and earn a 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten certificate of completion!

Read books with your child. When you hit milestones,  come to the library!Beanstack_Logo

  • Keep track of the titles that you read together by recording the titles in our  Beanstack app or website or pick up a reading log at your nearest library (you can  download your first log to get you started).
  • You can repeat books—as many times as you or your child wants.
  • Books read during story times, at daycare, or with a sibling count too.
  • And audiobooks count!

For every 100 books read to your child, visit your nearest CCPL location. Each library has a special recognition board for marking your child’s accomplishments.1000 Books Before Kindergarten Certificate of Completion

  • Read 500 books and earn a prize.
  • Read 1,000 books and earn another special prize and a 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten completion certificate.