Summer Learning Program

This summer’s theme is "Tails and Tales" - join CCPL in a Summer-long adventure of fun activities you can do at home. Submit the activities you complete and be entered to win prizes!

Tails & Tales
  1. Neighborhood Animals
  2. Ocean Animals
  3. Barnyard Animals
  4. Land Animals
  5. Coming Soon

A Fox, a rabbit, a squirrel and a bird are on a Birchwood background

Online Activities


  1. Cat mask 
  2. Paper plate fish  
  3. Snakes are pretty cool pets, but not for everybody. If your kid wants a snake to carry around, turn a cardboard tube into an easy bracelet!
  4. Cardboard dog puppet  
  5. Turn a small box into a cardboard cat


  1. Printables to help with pretending to be a vet 
  2. Braid strips of scrap fabric for a dog pull toy  
  3. A whole archive of crafts and activities for pets  
  4. Animal Humane Society’s kids page with activities and videos about pets and their welfare  
  5. If your family had an emergency, what would you need to take care of your pets? Use the SPCA’s guide to put together a go-kit for your cat or dog 


  1. Browse AllRecipes’ archive of DIY dog-treats! Remember to stick to the recipes—some things that humans love are bad for pets. 
  2. Turn a tee shirt and two coat hangers into your cat’s new favorite bed 
  3. Make a toy your dog will love using nothing but rope and an overcooked potato  
  4. Learning about the pros and cons of keep an exotic pet like a ferret or an axolotl at  
  5. Use a sink mat and scrap fabric to create a “snuffle mat” to confuse and amuse cats and dogs  



  1. Pets: Wild at Heart
  2. NightSchool: WildLife in the City
  3. Living with Us: The Secret Life of Birds
  4. Cats and humans: a purr-fect relationship
  5. Those Wonderful Dogs


Reading Recommendations



  • Can I Be Your Dog? by Troy Cummings
  • A Cat Named Swan by Holly Hobbie
  • Too Many Dogs by Lori Haskins Houran
  • National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Pets by Catherine Hughes
  • Guinea Dog series by Patrick Jennings
  • La gata Koko/ Koko the Cat by Caitie McAneney
  • My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish series by Mo O’Hara
  • El hamster Harold/ Harold the Hamster by Dava Pressberg

Comics from Hoopla

  • Garfield series by Jim Davis
  • Guinea PIG: Pet Shop Private Eye series by Colleen A. F. Venable and Stephanie Yue



Board Books:

Picture Books:

Easy Readers:

Juvenile Nonfiction: