Summer Learning Program

This summer’s theme is "Imagine Your Story" - join CCPL in a Summer-long adventure of fun activities you can do at home. Submit the activities you complete in our forms to the right and be entered to win prizes!

Imagine your Story, Explore Summer Activities
  1. Magical Creatures
  2. Once Upon A Time
  3. Coming Soon!


Magical Creatures

Since ancient times people have imagined all kinds of creatures.  It’s the same today.

Preschool Activities

Elementary Activities

Middle School Activities

In 1920, two teenage girls used trick photography to convince the world they had taken pictures of real fairies—they fooled Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and it wasn’t until 1983 the girls admitted they were fake (or at least some of them). 

Everybody knows dragons hatch out of brightly-colored crystal eggs, right

Be your own wizard and sketch out a surrealist creature combining a series of idea cards.

From the Collection

A sampling of related books, DVDs, Access Videos, etc. in our collection.

More activities you can do at home

Virtual tour

They may not be magical exactly, but they’re fascinating—live animal feeds from zoos and the wild!