Summer Learning Program

This summer’s theme is "Imagine Your Story" - join CCPL in a Summer-long adventure of fun activities you can do at home. Submit the activities you complete in our forms to the right and be entered to win prizes!

Imagine your Story, Explore Summer Activities
  1. Telling Your Story
  2. How Does Your Story Go
  3. Hero's Journey
  4. Magical Creatures
  5. Once Upon A Time

Telling Your Story

 We each have our own stories, and so do our families.

Activities you can do at home

Preschool Activities

Family tree templates

Discussion prompts can get kids thinking about their own story and their place in the world.

Want to know more about your family history? Interview an older relative!

Elementary Activities

Where did you come from? Researching family history can be hard, but getting started is easy—it’s all about asking questions. I Can Climb My Family Tree

Make a time capsule for yourself to open ten years from now. Fill it with reminders of your life and what’s going on around you.  Then seal it up with a reminder not to open it until 2030. Make sure to keep it somewhere safe!

You might know a lot about your family as it is now, but what about how it used to be? Interview a grandparent or other older relative about what they were like at your age. Tips from and

Middle School Activities 

Start a journal to tell your story. Write whatever you want, but make sure you write something. If you need something to start the writing juices flowing, try this subject generator, these writing prompts or these prompts.

Use “What Happened On Your B-Day” to look up your birthday. Do you share a birthday with any celebrities or historical figures? (Spoiler: you definitely do—there are a lot of them!)

From The Collection

A sampling of related books, DVDs, Access Videos, etc. in our collection.

More activities you can do at home


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