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CCPL offers fun and educational activities for children of all ages. Visit the program calendar, read Loud & Clear magazine, or explore this page to find activities for your family.

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Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems 

  • Kennedy Center Artist-in-Residence author Mo Willems, of Elephant and Piggie fame, teaches simple drawing lessons for kids

Dav Pilkey at Home 

  • Join the creator of Dogman and Captain Underpants for weekly art lessons

Tate Kids

  • Maker activities, art, quizzes and games from the Tate Galleries in London, England.

Think Play Create from Home 

  • San Diego’s New Children’s Museum presents virtual Toddler Time, DIY activities, and Zoom talks for caregivers.

VMFA Educators + Students 

  • Art ideas based on the collection at the Virginia Museum of Art

Make Your Own Box GuitarMake Your Own Box Guitar Infographic

  1. Find a Box and Some Rubber bands. You can use any kind of box. An empty tissue box, a shoe box, a plastic food container, or a small shipping box will all work. Hair ties will work instead of rubber bands, but will sound a little different than rubber bands.
  2. Wrap the Rubber bands around the Box. Make sure that the bands lay across the opening of the box and don’t touch each other.
  3. Play Your Guitar. Pluck the rubber bands over the opening in the box. This will cause the rubber band to vibrate, producing a sound.
  4. Experiment with Pitch. Making the rubber bands tighter will make the guitar make a higher sound. One way to tighten them is to place the rubber band at an angle on the box.
  5. Try New Things! What else can you do to change the sound? Does the thickness of the rubber band make a difference? What about the size and material of the box?

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