Mission / Vision


CCPL helps customers transform information into usable knowledge.


CCPL will be a community of engaged and informed citizens who have the knowledge and skills to better their lives personally and collectively.


CCPL employees are committed to personal values of:

  • Active listening
  • Creativity
  • Respect
  • Trust

CCPL's organizational values include:

  • Community
  • Consistency
  • Learning
  • Service innovation
  • Staff development

Our Goals

  1. Goal 1
  2. Goal 2
  3. Goal 3

Goal 1: Turn Outward in All That We Do

Foundation Statement

This goal is about grounding all our decisions and actions in our knowledge of what the customer expects, appreciates and values.


  1. Listen to and learn about our residents to gain a deeper understanding of them, as individuals and as a community.
    • Actions:
      • Surveys, focus groups
      • Step out from the desk and engage with customer
      • Participate in community activities, events
      • Community profiles
      • Develop local partnership networks
  2. Use our knowledge of the customer to create collections, services, facilities, and programs that address their needs.
    • Actions:
      • Ensure programming reflects the interests of the community through community input, staff knowledge of community (what’s important to them), what they check out, what they talk about, what are the learning needs in that particular community. Timing and marketing will also reflect community knowledge.
      • Collections will provide materials tailored to each branch community, including 70% best-sellers and new releases that are predicted to circulate as indicated by data and branch feedback.
      • Collections, signage and layout of branches will be displayed and arranged in a user-friendly manner.
      • Responsive services such as Your Personal Librarians (YPLs) and Learning Plans, pop-up programs, learning stations.
      • Technology purchases and upgrades that allow staff to do their jobs most effectively, and furthers the learning goals of the public.
  3. Fully implement the CCPL Way model of customer service in all operations.
    • Actions:
      • Policies and procedures, and their application, will always start with respect for and understanding of the customer.
      • CCPL Way will be codified and further formalized
      • CCPL Way training and performance expectations will be developed