Learning Plan Services

Librarians are available at each branch to answer your questions--both big and small--and help you learn new skills. If you are pursuing a project with multiple steps, consider meeting with a librarian to create a Learning Plan.

What is a Learning Plan?

A Learning Plan is a library service created to assist you with large-scale projects or long-term learning goals, such as working towards earning a degree. Your librarian will help you break down the project into smaller steps, find resources for the information you need, and establish attainable goals to help you achieve your objectives.

How do I set up a Learning Plan?

Visit your local library to ask about setting up a Learning Plan. The librarian will discuss your project with you and identify staff with the expertise to create your personalized plan.

Customers have used Learning Plans to:

  • Apply for and practice interview skills to get a new job
  • Develop new computer skills
  • Publish their original music online
  • Write and publish a novel
  • Complete a degree program
  • Become proficient with 3-D printing and computer-aided design
  • Perform market research to start a business
  • Create a website

Computer Help


Looking for help with a computer issue? Want to learn more about the software on your laptop? Need to learn a new technology skill for your resume? Check here for helpful computer and technology learning resources.