CCPL in an Emergency

The library serves as a community gathering place during times of crisis. CCPL is a partner in the county’s emergency preparedness planning process and after-event response. The library has served as a place for recharging electronics, up-to-the-minute information collection and dissemination, Red Cross assistance point of contact, and food distribution.

During power outages, temperature extremes, and other situations, CCPL welcomes you to visit the library. Please join us to:

  • Charge your phone
  • Cool off in high temperatures
  • Entertain your kids for a few hours
  • Check your email and get online

During a weather event, please call your local library before visiting to confirm that they are open and have power.

Updates can also be found on our social media pages:

Post Irene Red Cross Meal Distribution at LaPrade

Hours & Locations

Locations may also be open extended hours due to storm damage or to provide a cool place during periods of excessive heat.

Chesterfield County determines when CCPL will be open outside its normal operating hours; these events are posted in all Library locations and announced on:


  • WTVR-TV 6
  • WRIC-TV 8
  • WWBT-TV 12


  • WRVA - 1140AM