Collaborative Spaces

The ability to reserve meeting rooms has changed to accommodate virtual learning and teleworking. Visit the Meeting Spaces page for more information.

CCPL is a great place to collaborate with others. Whether you need to study with a partner, work on a group project, hold a meeting, or find a quiet place for a video chat, we can help.

Chesterfield Business Suite

The Chesterfield Business Suite offers space and resources for your small or home business. The suites at the North Courthouse Road Library and the Central Library have conference tables with the capability of collaboratively sharing multiple computers to a large wall-mounted monitor. Use a Chesterfield Business Suite for interviews, small group meetings, office tools, quiet connected telework space, and more! Chesterfield Business Suites may be reserved in advance.

Chesterfield Business Suites can be found at:

Collaborative Furniture

Each library features working spaces throughout the building, perfect for working solo or for informal meeting and collaborations. Anyone is welcome to use our “living room” areas, tables with outlets, comfortable chairs, and more. Talking is permitted, except in designated quiet areas.


Makerspaces offer tools and equipment to explore creativity and technology. Learn more about makerspaces.

Meeting Spaces

All libraries offer meeting spaces that can be reserved. Learn more about meeting spaces.

Study Rooms

Study rooms can be found at all libraries. Each room can hold one to four people. You can use study rooms for tutoring, Skype sessions, or to work on your own. Study rooms are available on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved in advance.