Computer Acceptable Use Policy

I understand and agree to comply with all of the following conditions, without exception or right to appeal.

  1. My use of a Library computer is a privilege. My failure to comply with these procedures in their entirety can result in revocation of my computer use privileges from as little as one day to permanent loss, at the reasonable, legal discretion of any Library staff member.
  2. The Chesterfield County Public Library may change these policies at any time and without notice. I agree to comply with such modified policies as part of the conditions of computer use. My failure to read and/or understand these conditions in their entirety does not constitute a Library-acceptable reason for my failure to comply with them. No Library staff member may alter or waive any condition of this Computer Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. I will comply with all local, state, and federal laws, as well as the Chesterfield County Public Library and County of Chesterfield policies and procedures.
  4. I will not violate any local, state, or federal statute regarding obscenity, pornography, or delivery to minors any material deemed harmful to them.
  5. I will not violate any local, state, or federal statute regarding copyright. My use of this station and its abilities to reproduce information or data files is my acknowledgement of my responsibility for compliance with all copyright laws.
  6. I will limit my use to the maximum allotted time per day, currently 360 minutes but subject to official change at any time. Such official changes may not be promptly posted as part of these conditions. However I will abide by them based upon their effective date.
  7. I will use my own account only and will maintain one active log-on ID at any time.
  8. I will not permit others to use my account for computer use at any time or for any reason.
  9. I will not share my logon ID with others or use the logon ID of family, friends or any other users.
  10. I will pay for all pages that I print at the Library's currently-prevailing rates. The Library will not provide refunds for any remaining print credit balances on the system. I will not insert my own stationery into Library printers, nor will I tamper with the paper supplies in the printer trays.
  11. The Internet contains information, both written and pictorial, which may be offensive or harmful to me or to others. The Library does not supervise children's use of the Internet and such use is a parent/guardian's exclusive responsibility. I therefore release and hold harmless the Chesterfield County Public Library and the County of Chesterfield from any and all liabilities whatsoever associated with exposure to:
    1. Any information, machine-readable file, picture, graphical representation, or illustration that
      1. I, or
      2. Any party for whom I am responsible
    2. May encounter while using any public-use workstation, whether or not the aforementioned information, machine-readable file, picture, graphical representation, or illustration
      1. Appears on or
      2. Is delivered through the computer that
    3. I operate or
    4. Is operated by any other user.
  12. I may not access sexually explicit sites on any workstation. I agree to this condition, whether or not the filter is effective in blocking such sites. I will leave the Library immediately if asked to do so for violating this condition.
  13. The Library does not provide anonymous computer user guest cards. All computer users must register personally and individually with the Library. An official Library card or computer user-only card will be the only two acceptable credentials for computer use. My card is the property of the Chesterfield County Public Library and I will immediately relinquish my card upon request by any Library staff member.
  14. I create, store, and use personal files/electronic documents at my own risk, whether created, accessed, or stored locally or remotely. I agree that neither the Chesterfield County Public Library nor the County of Chesterfield is responsible for the loss or damage to such local or remote personal electronic documents, or the diskettes, files, or any other media upon which they are stored. These conditions apply to all media that I bring into the Library or I purchase from the Library.
  15. I will store my personal files/electronic documents only in areas permissible for such storage. Such areas are clearly-designated as user storage areas, and I will assume that any area without such clear designation is off-limits for my use, even if accessible to me. The other permissible storage area includes removable media.
  16. Library computers are public-use devices. I am fully responsible for any breaches of security to or violation of my privacy that may arise out of my use of these public computers. I assume responsibility for the safe and complete removal of any personal files/electronic documents I access while using Library computers.
  17. I will not use Library computers to violate the privacy of anyone else. I further understand and agree that I will not use a Library computer to commit or attempt to commit any crime.
  18. The public use computers have session time limits. If my session ends before I successfully save any data files, these files are no longer available. If the computer re-starts, whether I perform this operation voluntarily or because of computer failure, all files that I have created and saved on the hard drive are erased and are no longer available.
  19. I can and will be held responsible for any damage I may cause to the Library's computers, including repair/replacement costs from the use of damaged media or virus-infected files.
  20. I may connect USB devices to the ports on the front of the CPU cabinet only. I further understand and agree that the Library staff cannot instruct or assist in the use of any such devices.
  21. No one, Library staff or others, may install or run software that is not already installed and operational on the public computers. This applies to all removable media and devices attached to the computer through any port.
  22. I will not endanger, tamper with, or reconfigure the computer hardware or software. This includes, but is not limited to, the default settings for browser home pages, desktop, or shortcuts. It also includes the protective shields on the computer monitors which will remain in place at all times.
  23. Network connection ports are for the exclusive use of Library-furnished equipment. I will not attach any personal device directly to such network ports.
  24. Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher are available at all computers except Library Catalog-only designated machines. Staff members may provide limited assistance for basic startup procedures but cannot offer in-depth personal instruction on software applications. Printed instructional materials are available to users. Training classes are offered periodically at each branch. Please inquire at the adult or children's reference desk for information, or visit the Library's computer class Web site for further information.
  25. The Library's Web pages contain links to other Web pages. Neither Chesterfield County nor the Chesterfield County Public Library controls the content of such linked pages nor is responsible for the accuracy of the information on such pages.
  26. The following information about filtering software applies to my use of computers within the Library, whether or not I use Library-furnished equipment or my own wireless-enabled equipment that attaches to the Library's network (wireless is a future enhancement):
    1. The Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors voted at their June 20, 2001 meeting to install “technological protective measures limiting Internet access” (filters) on all public Internet access computers in all branches of the library system. The intent of these filters is to eliminate access “to materials which constitute obscenity or child pornography, materials harmful to juveniles, or materials that create a sexually harassing environment,” which are illegal or inappropriate. The following information includes details of how these filters are meant to function.
    2. Library staff and Information Systems Technology Department staff selected the Websense filter, which is set to eliminate graphic pornography as categorized by the company under “adult material.” Because filters are imperfect, some illegal or inappropriate websites will get through the filters, while some legal and appropriate websites will be blocked. The library provides an administrative process by which customers may request from any staff member that specific websites be blocked or unblocked. If you would like a site blocked or unblocked, any library staff member will provide a form for you to make this request. Library staff will review the website based on the Board of Supervisors' June 20, 2001 resolution and will make a recommendation to the Library Director or his designee, who will make the final decision.
    3. As of December 1, 2007, the following rules apply to users of Internet tools and resources at CCPL:
      • Any use of CCPL tools or resources by staff or customers for any and all illegal purposes is prohibited.
      • CCPL internet software filters are set prevent access by all staff and customers to child pornography, obscenity, and materials harmful to juveniles.
      • Requests to disable internet filters are presented to the library director or his designee.
      • Library staff will alert local law enforcement officials to address violations of this policy. The Library may also consider enforcing internal discipline beyond law enforcement recommendations such as loss of library privileges or banning customers from using library.