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Story Time Online

CCPL Online Story Time CCPL Story Time premieres Tuesdays and Fridays with all new stories, songs and activities! 

Join us for these new short videos that will be posted at 10:30 a.m. on our YouTube channel. 

Watch Now

Tiny Tails To You!

Learn to Draw a Shark with Amy Barr

Ady's Violin

Tiny Tales Workshops with Virginia Repertory Theatre - #1b: Land Animals

Charcoal Drawing with the Cultural Arts Center

Join the Cultural Arts Center for a monthly arts lesson where you can learn a new skill or discover a new passion! June's focus will be learning to draw with charcoal. Available for 30 days after premiere date.

Tiny Tales Workshops with Virginia Repertory Theatre - #1: Land Animals

Juneteenth: Its History and Cultural Significance

As we lead into the Juneteenth celebration, join Nathan Richardson as he provides historical context to the events leading up to the original Juneteenth and the importance of recognizing Juneteenth today.

Checkers TV

Tune in for a new episode of Checkers TV, featuring educational entertainer Checkers The Inventor and his robot sidekick, Snoozer.


Fun with Barefoot Puppets

Join Barefoot Puppets for a puppet show and art activity that will show your child how to turn everyday objects into a puppet of their own. Each of these programs offers an original story and teaches a new lesson. 

Fun with Barefoot Puppets