Annual Report

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From the Director

Mike Mabe Mike Mabe, library director, standing next to wall

“USA TODAY” recently identified the librarian as the number one career predicted to not exist by the year 2030. The article assumes that modern information technology will take the place of the local public library.  Research indicates that the modern library, including the library facility, still fills a substantial role in collaborative learning and community interaction that modern information technology cannot fill. The American Library Association responded by indicating that 84% of recent library school graduates had already found jobs in public libraries. The article further pointed out that now the profession is experiencing an average growth contrary to the suggestion from “USA Today” that the profession was disappearing from the community.

Graphic showing the home, work and library as first, second and third spacesToday’s public library is operating as a third space in the community by helping the community develop broader community networks that support local community activities. CCPL is no exception to this trend. CCPL’s third space status can be seen in our literacy programming and Summer Learning Program which combats summer slide in elementary school students. On the adult side CCPL operates as a job center and a community center. We are a place of learning for all ages with our maker spaces and small business resources centers.

I encourage you to take a closer look at this annual report and see how CCPL librarians are helping individuals to learn and the community to grow. 

Signature of Mike Mabe, library director

Fast FactsFY 2018
Circulation Total2,799,212
     (Traditional Circulation)1,478,183
     (Non-Traditional Circulation)1,321,029
Visitors Total4,098,014
     (Traditional Visitors)1,117,045
     (Digital Visitors)2,980,969
Program Attendees65,936
Meeting Room Use (Total Users)106,378
Total Number of Assistance Questions442,326
Electronic Database Retrievals251,499
Story Time Attendees19,588