Special Collections

Special collection items are currently not available for check out due to COVID-19.

Virginia State Park Pass

Due to COVID-19 - Virginia State Park Backpacks and Passes will not include the backpack or other materials. The park pass will circulate during this time in CD casing to protect it and so it does not get lost in the returns.

Read-Along Collection

Read-alongs look like a regular print book with one distinct difference, affixed to the inside front cover is a device, located either in the lower left corner, or in the middle of the cover. The device will read the story aloud for children to follow along. Ask about the collection at your library.

Visit a Local Museum for Free

Now available for check out from Clover Hill Library!

Chesterfield County Public Library is pleased to provide kits that include free passes to several area museums.The passes are part of the CCPL Museum Pass Bag collection. Bags may include reading material, DVDs, CDs, or other items that enhance a family’s museum visit. The bags can be checked out for seven days. CCPL is excited to offer this additional way of enhancing learning throughout the year. Participating museums are listed below and more may be added later.

The bags can be placed on hold and picked up from any of the 10 library locations.

Bags and some supplementary contents were donated by Friends of Chesterfield County Public Library, Clover Hill Friends Group. Passes and some supplementary materials were provided at little or no cost by the participating museums.

Items included in the Museum Pass Bag for The Edgar Allen Poe Museum