Genealogy Research at CCPL

Discover your family’s story at CCPL. Our knowledgeable staff and many resources can help you trace your origins.

Want to start tracing your origins? Librarian Lori Purcell at Central Library tells you the first steps to a successful genealogy research journey.

Follow along with our video series, Tracing My Origins’ below.

Your Personal Librarian

Spend some one-on-one time with a librarian to start your project or get help with a tough question. Sign up for a Your Personal Librarian (YPL) session.

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C0Adoptee Guide to DNA Testing
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Local History Collection

Man standing reading book in Central Library Local History and Law area.

The Local History Collection, located at Central Library, offers local yearbooks, census data, and vital records from Chesterfield and the Richmond area. 

Online Resources is the leader in online genealogy research. Access to the library edition is free when you have a library card. Library Edition

Tracing My Origins Project

CCPL is partnering with the Library of Virginia to help discover the family stories and genealogical history of people from around the Richmond area. Join us as we explore these stories. #TracingMyOrigins