Resources for High School Students


Artist Trading CardsJoin a modern artistic tradition by creating art cards and trading with friends local and distant through the mail.

Digital Painting In-BrowserYou don’t have to install expensive software to get started with digital art—Pixlr is free and works in your browser, so it can be used anywhere. (Remember to create a free account if you want to save your work!)

VMFA Virtual Tours: Explore the Virginia Museum of Fine Art through your computer with this annotated virtual tour.


Library of Virginia Primary Source Resource ActivitiesThe Library of Virginia brings you this guide for parents and students to digitally access historical documents to learn about the state’s history.

Virtually Explore VirginiaUse your computer to virtually tour historical sites across the state, from the governor’s mansion to restored slave cabins.

How to Virtually Explore the Smithsonian from Your Living Room: The Smithsonian has lots of different ways you can explore the museums and their collections from home, all while avoiding DC traffic.


Advanced Placement (AP) Classes 

AP Test graphic, teen holding tablet to studyKhan Academy offers free online AP test prep courses and practice tests.

Learn 3D Design, Electronics and Coding

Tinkercad graphic

Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-use, in-browser app for kids and adults to learn 3D design, electronics, and coding. Visit Tinkercad.

Language Arts

Read Classic Books - Project Gutenberg: Read classic books, plays, and poems for free online.

Classic Books Discussion Guides

Make sense of the classics with discussion guides and sample essay questions.

Journal Prompts

Journals can be private records you never show to anyone or public documents we create so future historians can see what everyday people are thinking and feeling in these historic times. Either way, keep your brain awake and your emotions flowing with these journal prompts.

Health & Wellness

Yoga to Release Anxiety and Stress – Yoga for Beginners – Yoga with AJTry a few basic yoga moves to release anxiety and stress.

Learn How to Relax and Create with This Easy Zentangle Method: Let your mind relax with the Zentangle method of semi-structured abstract doodling

Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults During the Coronavirus Crisis: Younger kids might like constant parental attention, but teens and college students might feel different. These tips are here to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

How Mindfulness Can Help During COVID 19: Even when the quarantines and closures end, the world will be different—we’re all living by different rules now, and that can be stressful. Here are some ideas to stay centered and deal with all the changes.

Organization & Motivation

It’s hard to say what school will be like in the coming months. These collections of tips are here to help your family keep on-task and sane in the new at-home learning environment.

Community Service

Transcribe Historical Documents

Tutor Children Virtually: High schoolers (9th through 12th grade) can use this site to sign up as peer-to-peer tutors in their choice of subjects.

Crowd-sourced Scientific Research Projects: Help scientists crowd-source research by watching live feeds to count animals or discover planets orbiting distant stars. No specialized training or expertise is needed—anyone can help!

College Information

With college tours cancelled, schools are offering virtual tours to get new and prospective students acquainted with campus life.

Virtual College Tours graphic