More to Stream & Download

Banned Books Online

This site is serves as a landing page with links to various sites that offer access to various books that have been censored or suppressed in years past. The list is not exhaustive but provides a good listing of the many titles that have been banned over the years. provides classic fiction, anthologies, poetry and critical essays from a wide range of classic authors. These ebooks are readable online and are freely accessible to the public.

ByGosh offers public domain (copyright has expired) ebooks for children and classic literature. All the titles offered are free and readable online.


This site offers free viewing and listening to animals in their natural habitat via a live stream.

International Children’s Digital Library

Founded by the ICDL Foundation the International Children’s Digital Library promotes tolerance and respect for diverse cultures by providing access to the best of children’s literature from around the world. This site offers classic children’s literature freely readable online in a variety of languages, age levels, including different types ( ex. by cover color) and formats (ex. Chapter books vs. picture books). 

Library of Virginia: Virginia Memory Database

This is a database that houses a vast collection of print materials, maniscripts, archival records, newspapers, photographs, and ephemera, maps, atlases, rare books and fine art, that tells the story of the commonwealth and it’s people. 


LibriVox recordings are Public Domain (copyright has expired) audiobooks available in the USA.  This site offers free access to listen to audiobooks in a variety of genres. You also have the opportunity to record some of the audiobooks listed yourself. 


LoyalBooks offers access to free public domain classic literacture that are available for download in a variety of me methods, including kindle, audio, etc. The site offers direct downloads no redirection or sign up required.

National Archives

Explore online exhibits for free! There are so many exhibits to choose from on a variety of different topics, simply click on the exhibit and explore the interactive tour though history!

Open Library

Open library is a project owned by the Internet Archive that allows users to edit and add information, such as ebooks, and offering them to the public for free (copyright has expired). All you need to do is create a free internet archive account and you can borrow and read ebooks online. The titles offered include classics, romance, kids, thrillers, textbooks, fantasy and many more! 

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a provider of free e-books that are classified in the public domain. The titles offered are mostly the considered classics and they are offered in a variety of languages and downloadable options, including browser reading, EPUB, and Kindle. Always free to the public.

Storyline Online

This site offers a variety of stories read by various celebrities and is completely freely available. To access these stories the links redirect you to youtube, vimeo, or schoolTube websites.

University of California’s Cylinder Audio Archive

Before modern listening methods like records, cassettes, CDs and MP3s people listened to cylinders! These are sound recordings from the late 1800s and early 1900s. This site offers a searchable catalog of public domain recordings or musics, and speeches. Free to listen online.


Wikisource is a free compilation of ancient and classic texts, including poetry by the Wikimedia Foundation. This project is completely editable by the public and everything offered is in the public domain (copyright has expired).