Chesterfield Remembers Oral History Project

Chesterfield Remembers logo, share your storiesChesterfield Remembers is an oral history project to collect and share stories about the people, places and events of Chesterfield County. These audio and video vignettes are presented as part of the library’s digital collection.

Visit the Catalog to Hear the Stories

Watch and Listen

From our website, search using the terms "Chesterfield Remembers" or "Oral History" to get a list of items in the CCPL catalog.  This will include all of the recordings but may also include books or other materials which happen to have those words somewhere in their record.

Recordings can also be found by searching by the name of the storyteller, if known, or the subject of the recording. The following list provides the subject headings that are currently in use and new ones will be added to the list as the collection grows:

  • Business and Development
  • Centenarians
  • Chesterfield History
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Coming to Chesterfield
  • I Remember When
  • Military Service
  • School Days


Do you have a story to tell? The project team would love to hear from you. Please submit an interest form below to get started.