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Posted on: March 7, 2023

Not Your Typical Thrillers

Not Your Typical Thrillers

Not Your Typical Thrillers

Do you love thrillers but want to mix it up a little? Check out these thrillers that have elements of science fiction or horror.


by Iain Reid

Junior and Henrietta are a married couple that are far-removed from society. They have been content to carry out their lives on their secluded farm, and they never get visitors. One day, a stranger from the city visits and tells Junior some very shocking news—he has been selected to travel to space for a mission that will be vital to mankind. In addition, the stranger tells Junior that Henrietta won’t be alone while he travels into space. She will have a new, yet very familiar partner to take the place of Junior while he is gone. Foe is a fast-paced, surprisingly deep novel that tackles domestic relationships, marriage, and what it means to be human.

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by Blake Crouch

A mysterious illness has slowly started to spread—one that everyone is calling False Memory Syndrome. This new syndrome causes its victims to go mad because they start to recall memories from a life that they have never lived. Enter Barry Sutton, a NYC cop who is investigating this horrific illness, and Helena Smith, a neuroscientist dedicated to inventing a technology that would allow for the preservation of memories. Barry and Helena must work together to search for the truth and unravel the mystery behind False Memory Syndrome. Their search becomes more crucial when they discover that reality itself has begun to unwind.

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by Sarah Pinborough

Insomnia is a chilling psychological thriller full of twists and tension at every page. Emma Averell has built the perfect life—she has a husband, two kids, and a successful career as an attorney. However, her thriving adult life is very different from her experiences as a child. Years ago, Emma’s mother suffered a mental breakdown on her 40th birthday, resulting in her attacking both Emma and Emma’s older sister. As she approaches her 40th birthday, Emma begins to have trouble sleeping and starts to black out during the day because of her insomnia. She grows increasingly worried that she will harm her family in her sleep-deprived state, and she starts to believe that she will suffer the same fate as her mother.

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The One

by John Marrs

For a decade, Match Your DNA has paired up millions of people around the world solely based on their genetics. You will be matched with your ideal partner; someone whose DNA is perfectly compatible with your own. People love this service, but many also hate it. It has broken up countless marriages and eliminated the need for traditional dating. The One follows five different matched couples throughout the course of their relationships. These couples have shocking and dark secrets, ones that will likely disrupt the course of their relationships with their new soul mates. Things get messy, terrifying, and twisted very quickly.

The One   style=width: 200px;

A History of Wild Places

by Shea Ernshaw

Maggie St. James, a bestselling author of children’s books, went missing five years ago. Travis Wren, a personal investigator with a unique talent, decides to take on her case. In his search for Maggie, Travis is led to Pastoral, a cult-like commune that has been around since the 70s. In this community, no one is allowed in or out, for fear of bringing a disease members call “the rot”. Several years later, a Pastoral member named Theo discovers Travis’s truck that was left behind at the border of the community. As Theo starts to unravel the mystery surrounding the truck, he discovers many secrets about his community, as well as the secrets of his wife and sister-in-law. Pastoral is not the idyllic community that its members have been led to believe.

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By Beka Castagna- Librarian, Clover Hill Library  

Beka is a librarian at the Clover Hill Library. She loves giving book recommendations and talking about her favorite books with friends and customers. 

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