Can I print my documents?

Yes, a library card is required to print wirelessly from your laptop. Policies for printing follow the same rules as our public computer use policy. By printing, you agree to the terms specified in this Computer Use Policy.

Printing is only available for Windows and Mac OS A download is required to print. At this time you cannot print directly from a Chromebook. You must be connected to our wireless network to print. Be sure that you have connected through Citizen Wi-Fi.

If you are having problems seeing the Citizen Wi-Fi agreement, try typing "" into your browser's address bar. This will cause the agreement to appear if you have not already clicked "I Agree" for the day.

Please note: At this time, wireless printing using Citizen Wi-Fi is limited to one location per day.  You will not be able to change your printing location to another county location until the next day when you create a new connection.

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