How do I know my request has been confirmed?

You will receive an email once your reservation is approved.

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1. Who can use a meeting space?
2. Is there a fee to use the space?
3. How do I complete a meeting space request?
4. I need to request a meeting space for tomorrow! What do I do?
5. How do I know my request has been confirmed?
6. May I hold a fundraiser in the meeting space at the Library?
7. Can I come to the library before you open to set up the meeting space, or, can my group stay after you close?
8. Can I hold a meeting that only my group can attend?
9. Is food allowed in the meeting spaces?
10. Can we serve wine at our lunch meeting?
11. Can I drop off my meeting materials at the library before the time of my meeting?
12. Will the chairs and table be arranged for our group in advance?
13. What equipment does the library provide?
14. If I bring my laptop is there Internet available in the meeting space?
15. Can I use my laptop to make a presentation in the meeting space?