What do I do if something goes wrong?

Here are some things to check if there are problems in accessing the network:
• Set your service set identifier (SSID) to Citizen Wi-Fi. Refer to your Wi-Fi card instructions for details and make sure that the appropriate software is running while setting the SSID. In many cases, setting the SSID to "any" also will work and will enable the computer to access wireless networks in multiple locations.
• Ensure that the wired equivalent privacy (WEP) encryption is disabled or "off."
• Check that the connection is configured for "Infrastructure" mode. (Ad-Hoc mode will not work.)
• If changes are made in the above steps, restart the computer and web browser.
• Make sure that you are in a county facility that offers Citizen Wi-Fi.
• Unfortunately, library staff is unable to provide technical support for personal equipment. Please contact your equipment manufacturer for technical support.

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