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Digital Library Card Application

  1. Digital Library Card Application

    Temporary library cards are available during the COVID-19 epidemic and will expire Dec. 31, 2020. Please complete the online registration form (below). Your card number and pin will be emailed to you Monday through Friday during business hours. Once you receive your card number, you have access to our library resources. When libraries reopen, you can come in and renew your card.

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  3. To renew your library card after Dec. 31, please bring a photo ID and proof of address to your home library. If you received a library card for a family member, that person must be present to receive the new card. Borrowers who live outside of the CCPL's reciprocal borrowing area will be granted a free digital library card through Dec. 31. After Dec. 31, annual fees will apply. Please visit for more information on Annual Fee cards.

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    • I understand that I must present my library card to receive library service. • I accept responsibility for all materials borrowed on my card. • Temporary library cards expire Dec. 31, 2020 but can be renewed once libraries are fully opened.

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