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Online Library Card Application - Updated:Oct2021

  1. Digital Library Card Application

    CCPL's online library card is a remote, easy option to gain access to online resources from Chesterfield County Public Library.

    The online library card provides access to CCPL digital resources only and requires renewal after two years. To apply, please complete the online registration form (below). Your card number and pin will be emailed to you Monday through Friday during business hours.

    For full access to all CCPL resources, including digital materials and books or other material check outs, a new library card must be acquired in person at any CCPL library location using proof of local residency and valid photo identification.

    Annual fee cards are available for customers living outside of our service and reciprocal borrowing areas who want access to CCPL’s full range of services including online and digital resources. Visit for more information.

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    • I understand that I must present my library card to receive library service. • I accept responsibility for all materials borrowed on my card. • Online library cards can be renewed and/or upgraded to full access cards at any open library location.

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